How Do Live Casinos Work?

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Among the most significant innovations in gambling is the online casino. Over the past one decade, gambling has evolved, and the introduction of the live casino is a proof of this. In the past, people played against computers. The computers spun the roulette wheel and dealt the blackjack hands using random number generators. Today, technology has allowed people to play on the computer but with real human dealers.


What is a live casino?

Now, a live casino is a platform that allows you to play your favorite games with other dealers across a virtual platform. In multiplayer, as long as both of you want to play the same game; you can use the live casino to do so even when you are located miles away from each other.

Picture this- your friend goes to study abroad. You’ve been playing blackjack together, and you just can’t believe you won’t be doing it. The live casino comes in to save the moment! A Californian can play with a person in London on the casino if they share a dealer!

Live casino gaming allows you to take part in games from the comfort of your home. Unlike the ordinary online gaming, you will be playing against live dealers and you can also chat with them on your screen.


How does a live casino work?

Let’s say you want to play blackjack. So, you sit at the dealer’s table. Then, a live human appears on your screen, and you are ready for takeoff!

But to get here, you need to start by signing up for a good casino that offers live games. Then, you’ll head to the ‘Live Game’ option, and you will choose the game you need. Here, you’ll find a list of available dealers whose tables are not maxed.

Back to the multiplayer live gaming. Chat with your opponent about which stake you can place. Remember, it cannot exceed the casino’s threshold. Read the Terms and Conditions before doing this.


Then, you can start changing hands and cards, and every move will record on the screen. The casino software ensures fairness. Only the two of you can alter the game as the operator is just supervising and ready to offer technical support.


When you win, the money is yours! Like in the case of a physical casino, the operator may take a little fee for making use of the platform.

If playing against a dealer, you will watch as the dealer shuffles the deck or spins the wheel and you can even place side bets if they are allowed.

Which games does the live casino support?

The games offered on the different casino platforms might be different depending on who their software provider is, for example; NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and BetGames. The most popular games that you will get on live casino platform are roulette, blackjack and baccarat.


The live casino has revolutionized gaming. The fact that you can now cancel your trip to Las Vegas and enjoy playing against live dealers without leaving your home is the best step forward on the gambling scene.

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