The most lucky animals for a Jackpot winner

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Even though the word luck is commonly used, not many people believe in it. There are thousands of arguments and scientific studies to prove there is no luck but some people still believe in it and even goes further to relate with things, like colors, numbers and animals.

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Either way, luck is still one of the things that we can’t explain. Here is a list of few animals that are believed to bring good luck.


When talking about goldfish the first thing that comes to mind is probably short memory. Well, over the centuries, goldfish has remained to be one of the animals that are associated with luck and prosperity. In cultures like Ancient Greek, goldfish was said to bring good luck in marriages and relationships. It is also one of the sacred symbols of Buddha, and different cultures think of it as a good luck charm.


Cats, really? Yes, cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt, and other cultures considered it to be a sign of good luck. In Germany, when a black cat crosses the road, (from right to left) it is a sign of good luck.

In other places like Japan, there is the Japanese cat figurine (Maneki-Neko,), it is a common lucky charm that is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Thinking of it, there are many superstitions about black cats, but I this should not put anyone off when going for that lucky slot.


Tortoise is yet another animal that is said to bring good luck. Yes, that’s true, the half-shelled animal from the back of your home will help you bring the financial stability. Since they are considered wise as well, it would be a great idea if you swing to the zoo and talk numbers with one before picking that Powerball.


Oh C’mon, bats? Like seriously, those small creatures scare me! No, I am just kidding, the little animals are in fact a sign of riches to come. According to Chinese culture, bats only seeks propitious places so it you should consider yourself lucky when you see this winged animal swoop by.


This list keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it? Either way, to win the lottery and attract wealth, anyone should trap it just like the spider web lure in prey. It is a common belief in different cultures that when someone catches a glimpse of a spider web in the afternoon is a sign of good luck.


From Romans to the native Aborigines of Australia, frogs have been a mascot of wealth, prosperity, friendship and abidance. They are also considered a symbol of fertility in other cultures and safe travels too. The frog is quite an excellent animal to make the list of the lucky animals when placing that bet.

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Everyone loves rabbits. Okay, If you don’t, it’s time to start because rabbits are lucky animals. In different cultures, rabbit symbolises prosperity and fertility. This goes even further where children were given white rabbits to ensure the live a successful life in northern Europe.

In western culture, people would generally say rabbit three times when they wake up on the first day of the month to have a successful month.

Even more…

Rabbit’s foot is carried as a talisman to bring good luck. This is one of the common belief from different culture all over the world. Unfortunately, you have to hurt the rabbit to get the foot, but you can use the “rabbit” “rabbit” chant for luck.

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