New Names for Free Spins!

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Free Spins No More Free Spins New Names

If you’re a keen online gaming enthusiast, you may as well have noted that the majority of casinos no longer use the words ‘Free Spins’. Instead, these companies have adapted other terminology that carries the same concept, but different wording. Don’t blame them, though. It’s what happens when your oversight insists on changing things that everyone is already used to! The UK Gambling Commission decided to strip casinos of the right to have the words ‘ Free Spins ‘ anywhere in their ads or website.

Free Spins?

Oh, could I be speaking to a newbie, maybe? No problem- it’s the reason I am here! In fact, the majority of those who participate in online gaming does not have a clue how to define Free Spins. No wonder, it’s the reason the commission decided to redefine it for all of us!

So, in the briefest definition, Free Spins bonus is some form of a free play bonus where you are given credits to use on specific slots. Ideally, they are part of the casino’s promotion strategy. Instead of rewarding you with real money, the casino gives its players a chance to take part in a game without incurring any costs.

You earn spins if you register on a casino. Some betting companies will readily give Free Spins to motivate new players. Other spins are available whenever you successfully deposit into their system. Sometimes, it’s for no reason at all!

Words to use instead of Free Spins

The main reason the UK Gambling Commission banned the use of the words ‘Free Spins’ was to remove the ambiguity. You see, the words could mean that the spins are free indeed. As you’ll note below, the wagering requirements for withdrawing these bonuses as well as other conditions contradict the terminology.

The smart marketers have come up with other terms to replace the outlawed set. So, instead, the majority of these gambling sites embrace the use of similar words that don’t have the ambiguity.

The companies, however, have intelligently fixed sweet words that may not be simple to notice. These include: Super Spins, Fair Spins, Extra Spins and Bonus Spins among others.

So don’t get mixed up if you find pages with such titles. They’re just trying to avoid possible prosecution by the authorities!

Free Spins and the Wagering requirements

Imagine this- the betting company gives a chance to make free money for everyone who registers to their website. What’s your prediction about the next thing to happen? Perfect! A loss will be unavoidable.

But the casino anticipates this. So, it gives the spins with the condition that the user must use it on the site before it can qualify for a withdrawal. This mitigates the risk of ending up in a loss. At the same time, wagering requirement increases the chances of getting the new player to spend on the casino, thus making profits for the company.

That’s what the wagering requirement concept is all about. So, is the spin possibly free anymore? Of course, it can’t be!

Now, you get the point. The casinos aren’t entirely genuine when they claim to offer free things. In the end, there’s always a catch. That’s why the UK Gambling Commission doesn’t allow the use of such wording.

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