BETFRED Casino Review

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Betfred Casino Review The physical Betfred Casino has been in existence since 1967 and they’re considered to be the largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom. They still have over 840...

Betfred Casino Review

The physical Betfred Casino has been in existence since 1967 and they’re considered to be the largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom. They still have over 840 shops scattered across the United Kingdom, all of them licensed by the reputable Gibraltar. It’s only natural that this powerhouse in the industry wanted to have an online version. In 2005, Betfred’s Online Casino opened its doors to the public and it has been magic ever since. There is a lot to love about this giant.
Playtech is the muscle behind the casino, offering instant play and even downloadable casinos to the public. They have many options to choose from for those that are picky about their online gambling experience. Everyone can take comfort in the fact that it’s going to be one of the safest online casinos to be found anywhere. These guys keep everything locked down tight so that you can gamble safely. Don’t expect any fees either.

When you visit Betfred Casino

Their image motto is “You’ll love a bit of Betfred.” Do they live up to this promise? It’s Betfred. Of course they do. You can expect an exemplary gambling experience from beginning to finish here, and don’t expect to make just one trip to this casino. There’s far too much to explore and do on its virtual floors. This peppy casino exceeds all expectations. If you’ve heard of the legendary shops, don’t skip a trip here. The online experience is just as legendary, with colorful and buoyant blue backgrounds and hopping graphics on every page.

The games are the heart of any casino. Betfred organises its games lovingly but a bit scattered here or there. Part of the reason for this is that the casino itself just has so much to offer that it’s impossible to capture it in a way that doesn’t make it seem a bit overwhelming at first. The top navigation bar reveals just how much you have to decipher here. There’s tons.

You can download the casino, explore their mobile page to learn more about it, hop straight in to watch games that are already playing, take in a game of poker, perhaps spin a few slots. There’s an endless variety of things to do here.

BETFRED Casino – Free Spins & Bonuses

How does £200 sound? That’s the amount of their welcome bonus package, a number that reveals just how lucrative this casino is for its owners and the people that play games in it. If you’ve been a long time player, don’t stop there, though. There are frequent reload bonuses that are offered almost daily, along with special game bonuses and often a no deposit bonus for you if you’re one of those people who has to take in every bonus.

Their promotions page is fun to read. Jackpot winners are announced on this page, along with High Roller bonuses. Comp points is Betfred’s system of rewarding players with still more goodies, free spins, and free bets. If you compile enough Comp points, you’re going to be able to cash those in at some point to get a great reward.

There is currently a £10 bonus which is a no deposit bonus. You use promo codes to cash in on great offers like this. Everyone loves a good promo code, including the operators of Betfred.

Betfred Casino in the Mobile

The mobile casino is a sight to behold and love. Playtech is known for its rich variety of games, and here you’ll find Monopoly and even Rainbow Riches, two wildly popular games that will entertain you for years to come. Classic casino games also make an appearance. Poker is one of the most popular games to be found in any casino but the Poker on Betfred casino is simply out of this world good. You’re never going to regret sitting down at their virtual Poker table and taking in a round or two of the beloved classic.

You can play on any platform in the mobile casino. They’ve got a mobile casino compatible with iPad, Android, iPhone, and even Windows phones, something that most casinos neglect to give their players. No matter what kind of platform your mobile device is, you can get into the action at the Betfred mobile casino. Rejoice!

Games at Betfred Casino

Playtech is the primary powerhouse behind the legendary Betfred casino. Slots number over 100. Popular slots here include Iron Man 2, Fantastic Four, and King Kong. Notice that they tend to favor well-known names with their slots. You’ll find a wealth of great movies and superhero slots just waiting for you here. They are partial to up to the minute slots which means that if a slot isn’t getting enough love, they have no trouble bringing in new ones to satisfy their hungry fans. They offer a ton of new slots regularly.

Variety is the spice of life and it’s the spice of Betfred Casino. They offer table games like Roulette and Blackjack, terrific versions of Poker and even Bingo. There’s no shortage of games here for you to sink your teeth into.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Betfred Casino

Those free bets and free spins can net you big earnings. You’ll need a way to manage that money. Adding and withdrawing money is easy at Betfred Casino. They’ve got one of the simplest but extensive systems in the world today. Cashing out does have a minimum deposit but it’s a mere £5. Once you’ve got that much, you’re free to take your money out and spend it as you wish. The deposits have a minimum as well, a scant £10 that most folks would want to start out with anyway. To take the most advantage of winning, you’re going to need some money to play with.

The payment methods accepted here are diverse and simple to use. Neteller and MoneyBookers are two of those great methods. You can withdraw money by Bank Transfer as well, but you only get one free transfer a month, otherwise there’s a small fee. Credit and debit cards are accepted as well.

If doing things online isn’t your way, you can head into a local Betfred shop to handle your money business. You can pick up your winnings any time in person at one of their many shops.

Getting Help at Betfred Casino

Support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have every known method of communicating in support, from telephphone and email, to Live Chat and even Fax. If you need to get ahold of Betfred Casino for anything, they’re always there to take your message or call. Customers have been thrilled with the customer service which is legendary for its friendly nature and uncomplicated communication methods.

The Help Section of the site is so expansive that you probably won’t have to contact customer support, but we always need a way to do so. Betfred takes care of its customers and nothing but good has been said about their support.

Betfred Casino is legendary, both online and offline, for its unparalleled game variety, service, and commitment to customers. We think you’ll love a visit to them today, tomorrow, and for a long time to come. Stop by and see why they’re the best in their field.

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