Spinit Casino Review

200 Free Spins + £200

Spinit Casino Review Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only! Spinit is a pleasant combination of slots, live casino games, and all your...

Spinit Casino Review

Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only!

Spinit is a pleasant combination of slots, live casino games, and all your favorite classics. It is one of the newest of the newcomers and is still establishing itself in the online gambling community as one of the major players. While it still has a way to go to leave a legend behind, it’s a truly unique experience among today’s casinos. It was created by a group of people who love casino games just as much as their members. They try to introduce games as often as possible and have one of the largest collections online. Currently, there are over 1000 games on this site, just waiting for players to grab them up and give them a try. That means there are some hit and miss titles but what doesn’t appeal to one person will hit home with another. The variety is a great benefit here.

The iGaming Affiliate Awards was so impressed with Spinit that they gave the site their prestigious Best Newcomer title in 2016. That’s something the site is really proud of and one visit to Spinit will showcase just why so many people have come to regard this as one of their favorite online casinos. They’re simply entertaining.

When you visit Spinit Casino

There’s a spinning vibe on the website, woven into the actual design. You’ve got plenty of red and white to go along, but it’s predominantly all red here. This gives a feeling of intensity to the site that goes along well with its spinning thing. You’ll find the site very pleasant to browse, with well marked emphasis on their popular games and most important policies. It’s obvious that they’ve taken great care to reassure new visitors that they’re highly regulated and that they put a premium on safety for their users.

Free Spins & Bonus at Spinit Casino

A simple sign-up will net you rewards instantly. You get 200 free spins with signup, a no deposit bonus that continues throughout your play here. If you play each day, you get a 20 spins deposit bonus just for logging on that day. That’s quite a prize for a site so new. They’re confident in their product and it definitely shows. There are matching bonuses as well as free bets also. The deposit structure for the Welcome Package big bonus reaches over 1,000.

A free spins, no deposit bonus is a nice way to greet “Spinners” each day. You get these each day you log on and play, so it pays to be active on the site. Every one of those spins could be used to get your next big payout. There is a minimum deposit of € 10 for you to get the hundreds of spins though.

There a nice introductory package to get you started on the site. They amount to €1000 total for all of your efforts and that’s a lot of money to play with on a site of this diversity. There’s no limit to the amount of bonuses you get and there are tons of great promotions and contests to enjoy.

Spinit Casino in the Mobile

There is a legitimate app for Spinit. Don’t wait to download, either, because there are many exclusive offers that can only come with a download of the app. This keeps you connected to your career on Spinit and allows you to use some quiet off-time playing games from the comfort of your couch or waiting somewhere in an office or airport. Many people take their phone with them these days like it’s a lifeline. There’s a great reason for that. So many people get bored with their everyday routines that having a phone in your pocket is like having a constant companion.

Business people who have to travel out of town during the year will find that Spinit Casino’s app is a worthy companion to take along with them. You can still get hundreds of games in mobile versions and still win real cash while you’re playing.

Games at Spinit Casino

The slots take huge priority in this casino, but this is the way of most online casinos these days. People crave slots action and it’s one of the only games that requires virtually no skill except patience to win. Everyone loves those spins and free bets. There are many slot machine games on here, provided by the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, and Play’n Go. You’ll find old favorites like Starburst slots and South Park Slots, as well as new favorites that are up and coming.

The site does a great job explaining each slot game so that you know exactly what kind of game you’re dealing with. A good game synopsis can help you get excited about competing within a game and also keep you aware of the odds so that you wager the right amount of money each time.

The Live Casino is one of the highlights of Spinit. Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps all lead the way in making for a great Live Casino experience. The Live Dealer makes things more exciting for many players, especially VIP players, and the live experience here is really played up nicely.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Spinit Casino

Every online casino needs a convenient way to deposit and withdraw money from the site. This is about winning and you can’t win unless real money changes hands. The E-wallets of Spinit are all well represented here, with Euteller, Trustly, and credit cards are the preferred ways of transferring money, although there are many other options for those that have money in a lot of different locations. The customer service for banking is superb, with friendly agents standing by to take your questions about regulations and restrictions on withdrawals and deposits.

As Spinit grows into a top player, it will definitely want to add more options for deposits and withdrawals. For the time being, they’re holding their own in this department.

Getting Help at Spinit Casino

Need to ask questions about the casino’s games or about their policies? No problem! Their customer support team is always a helpful batch of people ready to answer questions in a friendly but professional environment. You can write to them via email if your answer doesn’t require immediate attention. If you need quick answers, give them a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or use their Live Chat option which allows you to chat with a real person in real time. This has become a very popular way to communicate with online casino customer service because it doesn’t require you to pick up the phone to get quick help. It’s a middle of the road solutions that so many casinos need. Thankfully if Spinit becomes your regular hangout, you’ll always have Live Chat to turn to if you need help.

This newcomer is holding its own against some very stiff competition. Its lively atmosphere, friendly outlook on gaming, and sheer number of games make it one of your best choices if you’re looking for a brand new casino that’s willing to shake things up a bit in the well established industry. Give them a spin.

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