Do I have a Gambling Problem?

How to Stay in Control of your Gambling?

  • Set a Deposit Limit at the casino so you avoid putting in more money than you first wanted.
  • Set a Loss Limit at the casino so you can not lose more than a specific amount in a certain time frame.
  • Set a Wagering Limit at the casino so you get locked if you play for to long.

Do I have a gambling problem?

If you have asked your self this question in the first place you might start to loose control over your gambling habits. We recommend you to test yourself to see how your behaviour score in the professional analysis below.

Concerned about your gambling?

The organisation has great content to read if you fear your start to be addicted to gambling. Go to TEST

Are you a compulsive gambler?

Gamblers Anonymous is based in the US and has a lot of valuable information that they share to help you if you are going in the wrong direction with your gambling. Test yourself with these 20 questions!