Yako Casino Review

£222 Bonus + 222 Free Spins

Review of Yako Casino Who doesn’t like to gamble? It is such a popular hobby, many people love to go to a casino for the weekend just to hang out...

Review of Yako Casino

Who doesn’t like to gamble? It is such a popular hobby, many people love to go to a casino for the weekend just to hang out or to celebrate an anniversary or something of that nature. But now with the help of,, you can gamble at home in bed or on the couch with their easily accessible website.

About Them

A group of casino lovers put their heads together and came up with something that even people residing in New Zealand can have fun doing, not just those who have the time to travel to areas that have casinos. These creators wanted to start something that everyone can enjoy. They chose the name Yakocasino because in Swahili which is the common language in New Zealand means Your, they want their casino to feel like your casino. This is an experience you’ve probably never have and definitely won’t forget.

When You Visit Yako Casino

Many websites out there are plain and boring. People only visit these sites when they have to for one reason or another. is something entirely different. Their entire website is filled with vibrant colours that make you feel happy about your choice to visit their website on the spot. Their main colours are purple and yellow which can be associated with the main colours of a popular gym company called Planet Fitness. They use their colours to their advantage to keep people motivated and Yakocasino is doing just that with their pretty colours.

Not only are the colours beautiful but the website is filled with pictures of the hundreds of games you can play after registering for an account. The front page is filled with animated intros to lure you into your favourite games. The whole feature is very inviting for everyone.

Bonus & Free Spins at Yako Casino

This casino offers a lot of bonuses including, a welcome bonus, Monday cashback bonus, regular free spins offer. After you register every player gets 10 free spins as a bonus offer and the website will double your initial deposit into the site with free spins. They want to see everyone win something and have a lot of fun while trying.

All bonuses and your money are kept in separate places so as to help all customers keep track of what they have to use in the casino. This means you will play with your money first and then once that is depleted you get the bonus money to give you more play time and more chances to win in your game of choice. Some games will not let you play with only bonuses most require that you start playing with your own money and then can use any bonuses you receive afterwards. Any winnings that you get from your free spins during a game are considered bonuses.

You do not have to play with a bonus either, I’m sure there are very few people who would reject a bonus but if you wish to cancel or not receive bonuses at all you can change your profile once you’ve registered to not receive them at all. For those of you who enjoy the bonuses Yako Casino offers different kinds of bonuses every week, so if you missed out recently there are plenty more chances to get them.

Yako Casino in the Mobile

There are both pros and cons to having a casino online. In person, casinos are really popular to go to in order to get away from your everyday life to just have some fun. A lot of people have gambling problems and need to go out in order to keep it covered up. But having an online casino has its pros as well. Not only can you access this website on your laptop, you can get it wherever you go on tablets, and cell phones. This means not only can you gamble in bed but if you’re on a plane or if you are a passenger in a car and bored you can always pull out your phone and log into Yako Casino to have some fun.

This online casino is also popular because it has the potential to have a lot more views because there are not that many online casinos. Regular casinos have to compete with all of the other physical locations while Yako Casino barley has to compete with anybody.

Games at

Casinos are famous for the many game selections they have to offer their customers. Yako Casino offers these particular categories, a popular section for their well-played games, slots, video slots, live casino, table games, jackpot, video poker, and a few miscellaneous titles. Within each of these categories, there is upward of 50 games for you to choose from.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Being that this casino is in most countries besides the USA they accept most forms of payment including, Visa, Mastercard, entercash, trustly, and Klarna just to name a few. You can use any of these payment methods to cash out when you have won money as well as to put money in your casino account to continue playing.

Getting Help at

There are a number of different ways to get in contact someone to help you while using this website. I needed the help of someone who was more familiar with the content on the website and requested the help of the live chat feature that the website advertises. I was connected with a representative within seconds and had the answers I needed about the website within 5 minutes of opening the chat. They are very helpful, and the chat also provides different languages to help those who maybe do not speak English.

On the other hand, at the very bottom of the website, there are links to click on to help you further. One of them is a contact form in order to get a more serious question answered or if you just don’t have time to sit and talk to a chat room representative you can send the contact us form through with your issue and you will be helped within 24 hours. If you’re inquiring about becoming a partner or working with the casino in some way you can also click a link at the bottom of the page which reads “Work with Us” which will help you to contact the right person to get in contact with.

If you don’t really need a representative and just need a general question answered about a game or the website in general again at the bottom of the page there is a link that reads, “Bonus Terms” or “terms and conditions” these pages will not only tell you about their rules and regulations but you can also find out everything there is to know about the bonuses that you can get while playing the many different games.

Online casinos are proving to be more and more popular and very fun for those of us who just want to hang out on our couches rather than having to get all dolled up just to gamble with our money. Yako Casino is definitely worth checking out if you are in the New Zealand area or so many European countries.

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