What is the Difference and Pros and Cons of Online Casino vs Landbased Casino

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The State governments are constantly looking for new revenue sources to strengthen their budgets. The legalization of online casinos is supported because many people believe that it can stimulate the economy and boost the tax revenues. New Jersey for example passed and implemented the bill that gave room for Online gambling to take place. According to Chris Christie, the Governor, online casinos are likely to generate approximately 160 million dollars during the first year. The states which have regulated online gambling need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of online and Landbased casinos to know which one generates the most income.

Online Casinos
Online Casinos are predicted to yield a higher return than Landbased casinos. These casinos are less expensive to operate because it requires fewer employees to run the online platform. Also, online casinos advocate for the gamers to place bets from the comfort of their home. This aspect is very convenient because the gamers are flexible and can partake in several games at the same time.

Land-based Casinos
The advantages that come from the Landbased casinos are recognized by the economy of the state. For instance, in Mississippi, twenty-nine casinos have twenty-three thousand workers ranging from slot technicians to blackjack dealers. Mississippi is ranked third in the casino employment as Nevada takes second place and New Jersey takes first place. Casino venues in the North East of America are always overcrowded, forcing other gamblers to stay at home and settling for online casinos.

Pros and Cons
There are different pros and cons for both online and landbased casinos and they exist independently. Some gamers adore online casinos mainly because they prefer to play their games without being surrounded by a crowd. Others reside far from the landbased casinos, so, the online casinos are their best alternatives.

The main difference between both casinos is the factor of accessibility. People have to travel miles to find a real casino unless they are lucky to reside next to one. Once they locate the casino they have to follow procedures in order to play their favorite game. They have to queue to get inside, and still have to line up to purchase their chips before locating a table that is vacant. This procedure can take thirty minutes to one hour which is a long wait before the customers start gambling. On the other hand, people who use online casinos do not encounter this problem. Whenever a gambler is ready to play he can access the platform at any time of the day by simply logging onto their computers. With the help of technology these days, smartphones can be used in gambling since major casinos have applications on the phones for people to easily access the sites. In this regard, online casinos are better than the landbased ones because they are convenient and pocket-friendly to access. It is cost friendly to look for various gambling options through the online platform rather than physically searching as in the case of the landbased ones.

However, some people prefer to go to a landbased casino because of the ambiance. They are attracted to glamorous venues that have distinctive decorative features. They believe that these casinos are fun places to be in and most likely there will be a restaurant or a bar with musical performance acts. Rumor has it that some landbased casinos increase the content of oxygen in the atmosphere so that a sensation of euphoria can be induced. Visiting a landbased casino is the best way to break the monotony of doing everything over the phone or computer.

A new player who physically visits a casino for the first time can be daunted because of the array of various games. There are usually croupiers at the tables who are unwilling to help out the new player. A landbased casino is probably the worst place for a new player to learn how to play. In many cases, there are no free trials so you have to pay to play and unless you are a fast learner, you might end up being out of pocket sooner rather than later. The online casinos have the option of a training room where people can play without paying for a certain duration. No money can be won at this stage, but a potential gambler can practice until he makes perfect. Even if the person makes a mistake he does not have to fear that he will lose money.

Landbased casinos have the glamorous atmosphere whereas online casinos have the convenience of teaching one to be an exceptional player. The player can utilize both options depending on the situation at hand. If the player is looking for a night out with company then a landbased casino will satisfy his desire. If the player gets a sudden urge of playing, say at 3 a.m., then online casinos are the best option. Also, the player can start and stop playing at any time by simply pressing a button. In a landbased casino, it is impossible to ask the croupier to pause a game so that you can eat or visit the washroom. Try doing that and see what happens; all hell will break loose!

As far as security is concerned, landbased casinos are very secure. Landbased casinos deal with real people and security is a major concern for them. In fact, these casinos are as secure as one’s banking transactions. Online casinos have the same level of safety as well. However, people have to be careful when choosing their online platforms before they commence playing. Otherwise, you might end up playing at an online casino that has been blacklisted. Online casinos always claim that they are the best in town, but it is important to do a background check and confirm those claims. Money wise, the Online casinos offer monthly and welcome bonus promotion packages. Landbased casinos, on the other hand, offer hotel room complementaries, free meals, and drinks as bonuses.

All in all, online and land-based gambling casinos both have their benefits and drawbacks. It is important for gamblers to weigh their options and decide which casino suits them best.