VR Technology and the future of Online Gambling

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What you know about the casinos be it the conventional walk-in casinos or the popular online casinos is about to change drastically. Any avid casino player who has been keeping tabs on the current advancements in the casino industry is aware that there have been massive investments made in VR. Yes, casinos are now spending big to provide players with VR technology that will be used in the next generation casinos.

Some of you are probably wondering what VR or Virtual Technology is. Simply put, virtual reality is an advanced technology that has been designed to provide users with the feeling of being in another environment or dimension through a set of VR headsets, that can generate realistic images and sounds. What this means is that, soon you will be walking into a virtual casino, the same way you would at the conventional casinos then wager and play casino games in a virtual environment.

The focus of this article is explaining what VR technology is, how it works and finally, some of the already developed games you can play using the VR technology. Experts are stipulating that by the year 2021, VR gambling will account for more than $520 billion of total wagers made.  This represents an 8-fold increase from the numbers recorded this year.

Presently, there are two types of casinos that casino players visit. These are the real money and entertainment casinos. The entertainment casino allows players to take part in nearly all casino games for free. The games present in entertainment casinos range from roulette, blackjack, cards or even baccarat but the catch is that there is no provision for winning prizes or cash that have monetary value. On the other hand, real money casinos offer the same games or more like the ones present in entertainment casinos; the good news here is that here you can win monetary prizes. VR casinos are set to change all this by creating a more realistic gaming experience similar to the one offered in a real casino. Using VR technology, casino players will be able to play real money games and entertainment games under the same roof.

Unique features

Some of the exciting features currently present in VR casinos include immersive game rooms that have been designed to create an immersive 3D environment that a player can explore and walk through. Additionally, the VR casinos have realistic slot machines and provide players with 3D tables which they can use while wagering bets or placing stakes. At the VR casino’s 3D table, a player can walk around, pick a seat, interact and talk with both the VR casino dealer and players. But this is not all, body gestures of the player, the dealer and opponents can be seen while playing VR casino. Players have the option of even having a drink or lighting a cigar in a VR casino.

When compared to online and live casinos, the brains behind the development of VR casinos are aiming at making the experience as human as possible. We can’t go without mentioning that chat options are present to support the inbuilt VR audio available. Slots Million and Casino VR Poker are the most promising futuristic games already developed collaboration with gaming software developers; Microgaming and NetEnt .

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